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Hinoki Cutting Board Hinoki Cutting Board

Material / Taiwanese Cypress
Dimensions / 42cm long, 22.5cm wide, 1.8cm thick
(each product is handmade, so the measurements may differ just a bit)
$.3,500 Quantity:
  • This special wood is recognized for its unique scent and slightly redder color. 
    The cutting of Taiwanese Cypress is restricted, therefore this material is both limited and precious. 

    Using Happywood's carefully preserved aged Cypress, we've created this board with a modern design to fit every day life. 

    Carefully dried, this board will not shrink or morph. 
    With a modern design, the handle makes the board easy to hold. 

    Over time, dust will naturally collect in its pores, causing the scent to fade. 
    To preserve the scent, rub a piece of sandpaper over the surface, followed by a wet washcloth and let air dry. 
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